Amplifier Series

Artists - Oli Brown

Recording Notes

For a while now I've been searching for an amp with great depth and clarity in its clean channel. I've always felt that within the amps that I've experienced there's always been some colouration to the clean sound making it feel for me that the amp is taking precedence for making the guitar tone rather than the guitar itself. This is what I love about the volt overdrive super amp. It's such an honest amp. The individuality of every guitar I've used on it completely stands out really separating tones. Having the ability to hear what my guitars are able to do is amazing, it helped me in crafting songs and finding tones to help emphasise an atmosphere with a song.

This really is just scratching the surface of this amp. I have always relied on overdrive pedals for lead tones and to boost my amp when needed, but for me any drive pedal is completely unnecessary with this amps overdrive. It sounds huge! I've A/B'd my old overdrive pedals all against the amps natural overdrive channel and none compare; not the depth, sustain or grit that this channel has on its own.

I have a FET boost built inside which I use as my solo button. It boosts the volume and overdrive of the amp giving me that extra push in the mix for when I need it.

I was actually looking at various other #umble style amplifiers before I heard of Volt Amp Co. I was lucky that a friend owns a few different brands. But he then put me on to Geoff and his company suggesting to try the Volt amps. Geoff was kind enough to invite us over and we took the other clones along with us to compare. After hours of A/B'ing back and forth all the amps none of the other highly rated amplifiers had the versatility, tone and power that the Overdrive Super has.

In the studio recording the latest album “Here I Am" every single guitar tone that is on it all comes from the Volt Overdrive Super, we never needed anything else.

Thanks Geoff.

Listen to the OB100.


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