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Recording Notes

Hi Folks – Rob Rolph here with a few quickie sound clips from the phenomenal new ODV S-RR amplifier. These are very off-the-cuff jaunts all from the same little 15 minute session, and with the amp set amazingly quietly (about 1 on master volume actually and believe me it gets way way better as it gets louder).

So, I'll produce something much more worthy and fitting of the amp later on, soon as my schedule clears.

These are here just to get the ball rolling and give you guys a little peek at what she can do.

The amp was set up in a small room through a 1x12 Celestion G12K-100 speaker, mic'd just off-axis at @ 2ft. There are no effects used save the on-board reverb and no pre/post sound processing.

Importantly, throughout both clean and drive examples at no point were the amp's controls changed whatsoever. All tonal/gain changes come from the footswitch drive/boost features or guitar pickup selection.

On that point, you will clearly hear me switch these features in and out. These ‘clicks' were picked up acoustically by the ambient mic and serve to show just how quiet the amp master was set (well it was getting late at the time J ).

The guitar used was the same throughout – A Fender Robben Ford Model.

The first clip is the clean channel only, using the only neck pickup, to demonstrate the gorgeous, detailed clean (albeit Jazz in this example) tone this amp produces. No boosts engaged at all. I must say thanks to LC for this particular melody - “cheers Larry!”.

The second clip demonstrates the overdrive sounds the amp produces.

The first part is just an example of the delicious crunchy chord sounds it can deliver played quite gently I might add. Texas Country Blues kinda thing. Worth noting the amp's drive was set on 4.5 for all these clips.

The second part is an example of the neck pickup drive sound – fat and bright and thick all at the same time.

The third part is the bridge pickup in overdrive, and you can hear me step through the boost options (pre-amp boost first click, then add in mid-boost second click) – you can definitely hear the “D” type ‘chewy' mid tone on this. By the end there's plenty of gain going on even though the drive hasn't been touched, just boosted.

Lastly, I just step through all switches from clean-to-overdrive then add PAB and lastly mid boost to demonstrate the ranges of drive you can add in with your size 9's.

This time I'm hitting the strings a little harder.

Oh, and please excuse my little voice over sections, which did have to be ‘dropped in' later as the originals were way off mic.

I hope these little vignettes (what?) give you at least a taste of what the amp is capable of, and you can easily recognise that fabulous ‘D-tone' amongst all my noodling.

Guys, I've spent 18 fascinating months involved with this amplifier's creation, and now I feel very happy to report that I've been using ‘serial number 2' ODS-RR “live” for ALL my gigs - I can honestly say that it is absolutely incredible!. The best tone I've ever had.

“Ah!, but is it the Amp for YOU?”…..

Of course the best way to see if I'm right, is to hear it for yourself, you can always contact Geoff who will happily arrange a demo.

Best wishes to all you Guitarists out there, and good luck!.

Rob Rolph - Nearly Dan – Steely Dan Revue


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